Frequently asked questions about list in Python

  • How to convert a list to a String?

Ans: You can convert a list to a String using join() function. It will return a String which is the concatenation of the Strings in iterable. If you list contains only integers you should first convert the integer into string then only you can perform join operation on them. Continue reading


Interfaces in java, Really Needed?

Most of the newcomers in java programming language experience a confusion why on earth do you need Interfaces when you have abstract classes. It is one of the simple feature of java that may sometimes become puzzling. Continue reading

What are Abstract Classes and Mehods in java?

Before jumping into the Abstract Classes we need to know what Abstraction is. Abstraction is the process of hiding the details of the process of Continue reading


Inheritance in Java

Inheritance basically in object oriented programming language means a class can acquire some properties of Continue reading


parseint() and toString() methods in java

  • parseInt() method

The method Integer.parseInt() in java is used is in parsing a String method argument into an Integer Continue reading


Polymorphism in Java with example

Polymorphism is a concept in java programming in which we can do one action in different ways. The word polymorphism itself says “many forms”. Continue reading


Method Overloading in Java with example

Method overloading in java means that a class can have two or more methods of same name if the argument lists that the method holds are different. Continue reading